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Lucy Matta

Lucy Matta Fine Art

Montreal, Quebec


I remember developing an interest for painting very early on in life while watching my grandfather in his unfinished low ceiling basement. The smell of oil paints filled the entire space as I watched attentively his every brush stroke. Although fascinated by his talent as a child I did not start painting myself until my early 30's...but have not stopped since! As a self-taught artist my knowledge of creating an interesting canvas grows with each new piece as I tend change it up a little if I get too comfortable with a style.

My first collection named "Africa Collection" took its first breath the same year my daughter took hers, in 2002. I've recently started the "LuLu Collection" which I'm still having a great deal of satisfaction creating. I hope you see a little of yourselves in my work. If you do, then I have succeeded.



Hier au cirque by Lucy Matta


Night Drive by Lucy Matta


Liluye by Lucy Matta


Balancing Act by Lucy Matta


One Too Many by Lucy Matta


Face to Face by Lucy Matta


Boom Boom by Lucy Matta


Cafe au Lait by Lucy Matta


Gossip by Lucy Matta


Cafe d'Ailleurs by Lucy Matta


Hmmmmm by Lucy Matta


Dance with me by Lucy Matta


Bet your bottom dollar by Lucy Matta


Vol de Nuit by Lucy Matta - LuLu


Blast from the Past by Lucy Matta - LuLu


The End of the World by Lucy Matta - LuLu


Chocolate Moose by Lucy Matta - LuLu


Winging It by Lucy Matta - LuLu


Penelope by Lucy Matta - LuLu